LPG Tank and Depot Installations South Africa, Gauteng
LPG Tank and Depot Installations South Africa

Full Turnkey LPG Gas Installations - South Africa

LPG Depot Design, Installation and Operations Management

Mechanica Engineering provides solutions for LPG Installations at residential, commercial and industrial installation. For each of these types of installations, Mechanica Engineering offers a full set of services: designing, installing, commissioning and operating the system. Due to our vast network of partners we are also able to connect you with bulk wholesalers who may provide you with a tailored LPG supply solution.

Our LPG Services Include, but not limited to:

Design & Approvals

  • Site inspection and evaluation
  • Initial Site Layouts and Survey Drawings
  • Manage EIAs and MHIs
  • Develop drawings against the relevant codes and regulations (SANS 10087, SANS 10089 & SANS10400)
  • Develop Fire Rational and Plans
  • Obtaining initial approval from the local authorities as in state and central government agencies
  • Develop details designs and finalise PFDs, P&IDs, Isometric Piping Drawings
  • Process Approved for Construction Drawings - Mechanical, Civil and Electrical, Instrumentation & Control Drawings
  • Develop Bill of Quantities (BOQ)


  • Construction Management
  • HSSE Management
  • Manage Storage Vessel Design and Construction
  • Manage Tank Delivery and Registration
  • Quality Assurance and Quality Control
  • Commissioning of the storage vessel including calibration after obtaining the final approval and licences
  • Issue all COCs
  • Commission Facility


  • Operations Management
  • Handover Installation
  • Train Operational and Admin Staff
  • Cylinder, Storage tank and filling pumps maintenance
  • Operating procedures and process
  • Ordering system
  • Payment system
  • Refilling system
  • Cylinder Management
  • Delivery system
  • Safety Systems and procedures